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“You are watching a pro at the top of her game.” - The Plus Ones

“Don’t miss it!!” - Mooney on Theatre


“A laugh-out-loud hilarious storytelling adventure” - CultMTL

In 2010, Gillian English almost married someone she didn’t love, just because she was afraid to admit that she had made a mistake. In the six years that followed, making mistakes about love and lust have been the only constants in an otherwise uncertain life. An endless stream of bizarre and ridiculous romantic disappointments have left the celebrated, and award winning storyteller with a brand new hour of true stories that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats and howling with laughter!

A Bitter Shrew is an hour of the most ridiculous stories about sex and dating, that couldn't possibly all happen to the same person, but they did, and she's gonna tell you ALL about it.

She has farted herself awake in a stranger’s bed, taken a pregnancy test in a food court

bathroom, and watched her 26 year old ex-boyfriend almost die of a heart attack.

All the ingredients to make her. . .


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