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Back from the dead, and mad as hell, Margaret of Anjou is here to set the record straight.

Cersei Lannister is a character based off of Queen Margaret of Anjou; that is how much of a badass this woman was. Or was she?

Was she pure coniving evil to the core? Or was that fake news spread by Shakespeare's mainstream media?

Has anything about the way we treat women in power changed in the last 600 years? If all anyone ever remembers of you are the lies, does the truth even matter?

Daughter and Princess.
Wife and Queen.
Mother and War Lord.

Who was Queen Margaret?

And how did she become the 

In 2021 this show will be playing Melbourne International Comedy Festival. For ticket information, head over to the Upcoming Perfromances page!

Winner- Weekly Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe 2021
Winner - Best Performance NZ Fringe 2018
Winner - Best Performance Halifax Fringe 2018
Winner - Hot Ticket Award Halifax Fringe 2018
Winner - Sell Out Award Halifax Fringe 2018
Winner - Hit of the Fringe Halifax Fringe 2018
Winner  - Highly Recommended Show Brighton Fringe 2018
Nominee - Best in Fest NZ Fringe 2018 

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